Customised bow ties for an elegant look

Bow ties have been worn by men for many decades now; the first bow ties date back to the 17th century. Traditionally, bow ties were regarded as the reserved right of certain professionals, and worn to draw attention to one’s self. More recently, there has been a resurgence of the bow tie as a formal fashion accessory for men which gave rise to making customized bowties. There is an increasing upsurge by designers for taking fashionable items from remote past and giving them a brand new look to adorn the get up of any man, and hence, the bowties today are much slimmer than their ancestral versions.

Different types of bow ties:

If you have never worn customized bowties before, then the whole concept of trying them may seem to be a bit new. But with practice, you shall be able to accomplish it quite effortlessly and succeed to achieve a perfect finish. Like any type of tie, for the newly made bow ties, colours play a crucial role. Normally, darker and solid colours are worn during colder months whereas summer, spring or autumn can have one wear lighter hues and pastel shades. Some bowties made of printed fabrics can help you achieve a preppy look. Traditionally, most of the bow ties were made of silk fabric, but nowadays they are made of many different materials like tweeds, wools, denims, etc. imbuing them with greater versatility.

Nowadays, customized bowties are not only associated with formal outfits, they can now be worn even with just a shirt and trousers without the need of wearing a coat, blazer or a jacket in order to give a gorgeous casual and yet a very fashionable look. You may add braces to make them appear much more stylish. However, you should make sure to properly harmonise the patterns and colours so that the whole ensemble does not look out of order. See more here Shop 4 Ties.

Bowties for special events:

Apart from being used in the corporate sector, the bow ties are widely worn to events, occasions and weddings. They are considered a great way to give a wedding a unique look if the groom and the groomsmen can wear logo fraternity bow ties. These little old-school ties which can be made of ivory silk piqué can look extremely elegant. For those brides and grooms who have probably first met in college, may like to pay a tribute to their fond alma mater. So you may choose to get customised bow ties featuring the logo and colours of the college or university, and this can be a great idea if most of your attendants were previously your fraternity brothers.

Sometimes customized ties are even worn in place of bow ties, as these are regarded as more convenient and conventional. Such customised neckpieces are even prevalent among the employees of the corporate sector. When any employee wears the logo corporate bow ties, which are specifically designed for the members of a particular company, then it makes them feel to belong more. It also instills confidence in an employee and makes him distinct from the rest of the crowd. Visit them online at