What to look at for the best light duty truck

Whether in transportation of other people’s products and goods for a fee or for transporting your own products, trucks bring ease, convenience and efficiency in the general transportation arena. In as much as a light duty truck cannot be substituted for the heavy duty, there are certain advantages it has over the heavy duty trucks. Take for instance, in accessing remote destinations, where the roads are not wide enough. These trucks will go through the roads pretty easy. Also, in terms of fuel consumption, the light duty trucks tend to consume a small amount of fuel as compared to the heavy duty.

Light duty trucks can also offer the perfect transportation solutions for businesses and companies which are just starting. The amount of money that is invested in the truck is comparatively low; the fuel costs are also pretty low, as they consume little amounts of fuel. Maintenance costs too are rather low. A lot of care must however be taken to come up with the best choice of light duty truck that will best suit your needs.

            1) Amount of work: Before going to shop for a truck, it is important that you know the amount of work that you intend for it. Know the load that you will be transporting for every trip and the frequency at which you will be transporting it. With this in mind, a buyer can comfortably make the perfect choice of truck that best suit them with regards to the capacity.

            2) Spare parts and services: Unplanned keeping of the truck for even a day without operation can cause you great losses. It is therefore very necessary that before buying a truck, you establish whether or not its services are easily available. You should constantly and regularly take the vehicle for servicing so as to limit the instances of abrupt damages on the vehicle. The truck of choice should also have locally available spare parts. This saves you the time of having to go distances in a bid to find the right part for your truck.

            3) There are certain circumstances in which you have limited resources and are not able to afford a new truck. To save the situation, a used truck may be the perfect option. Most of these vehicles are in the perfect condition and will deliver services like a new one. It is however advisable that you hire the services of an expert to assess the vehicle and see what adjustments are to be made. You should know which parts to change and the parts to retain.

UD Trucks offer the best light duty truck solutions. They have come up with the Light-Duty Condor Truck which operates on a diesel engine. You do not have to worry about compliance with the 2010 Emissions Regulations as this is carefully observed. The trucks have a load capacity of about 1.15-1.5 tons. The company also service the trucks and offer spare parts. With an experience of more than 75 years, (Ultimate Dependability), UD Trucks work towards facilitating transportation while bearing the environment in mind. To know more about us, visit: http://www.udtrucks.com/en-int/news-and-media/press-releases/central/2011/condor-light-duty-compliant

Six Step Guide to Buying a Used Mitsubishi Lancer in Brisbane

Acquiring a second hand vehicle can be quite tricky because no two cars will be the same.  Every vehicle has its distinctive story that will work be your greatest nightmare or work best for you. Furthermore, there are things steps that you should look at to ascertain that you are getting a good deal. Follow these guidelines to purchase the right Mitsubishi Brisbane residents love.

Mitsubishi Brisbane

Set a budget

Creating a budget will help you to know how much money you can spend on purchasing the vehicle. This should also include charges for registration, regular maintenance, running costs and insurance. Knowing all these costs will enable you to purchase a car that you can afford even after buying it.

Do your own research

It is essential for you to thoroughly look at what is available in the used car market. This will enable you to get a hint of the current market price for aused Mitsubishi Lancer. It is best for you to spend your time looking at this brand on online advertisements and even the local newspaper classifieds. You can also check with dealers in your locality. There are also different websites that offer price guides that will help you to know the market price and avoid paying excess money for the vehicle.

Contact the seller

When you see a vehicle that you love, then you should contact the dealer. Be sure to ask how long they have owned the vehicle and the reasons for selling it. You should also ask about any damages, its present condition and whether it has any bad habits. Ask as many questions as you can so that you can fully understand the car that you will be buying.

Check the history of the car

Regardless of how genuine and trustworthy the dealer may seem, ensure that you look into the history of the used Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane has. This will help you know more about the vehicle before you purchase it. Ensure that the car is not stolen, is a previous write-off or is weighed down by an unsettled loan. Get the VIN number of the automobile and check on different websites where it is registered. The information you get will save you lots of money and prevent future problems.

Have the automobile inspected

If you love the Mitsubishi Brisbane vehicle, then you should have it inspected by your mechanic. This should be done before you start negotiating the buying price. You can request for a mobile inspection or drive the car to a trusted mechanic. A private seller will easily allow you to take their car, but this will be difficult with dealers. However, an inspection will save you lots of cash in the end.

Paperwork and payment

Ensure that you negotiate the price to get a good deal on your Mitsubishi Brisbane purchases. If the offer given works for you, then it is time to check the paperwork. All the documents should be in order and should have the original versions and not photocopies. Check from the registration papers, logbook and the service history. Ensure that you agree with the used car dealers Brisbane loves on the best mode of payments. Whether you are making a full payment or just a deposit, the receipts given should have the details of the seller.

Services Checklist and Maintenance Tips for Cars

Car dealers BeaudesertWhen it comes to dealing with the used cars, it is important to have a maintenance checklist that you can use to ensure your car is in the best shape possible. With the proper maintenance and repairs of your vehicle, it is possible for you to realize better performance and also better safety standards on the roads. By maintaining a good checklist with the most important factors, you can entrust your vehicle servicing to the reliable car dealers Beaudesert providers while you take a back seat knowing your car is in very safe hands.

With the best services by the car dealers in Beaudesert, your car can take a backseat while you prioritize on many other important issues in your life. Don’t let your car define your lifestyle. Maintain a simple checklist on what you need the most in terms of your vehicle maintenance requirements and you will be able to make huge savings on your vehicle maintenance and ensure it is well catered for even though you might not have the knowledge and expertise in vehicle maintenance and repair.

If you are having a problem maintaining your new cars in Beaudesert or even the used ones, here are some simple tips on the areas where you can prioritize your services:

Go for regular services

One of the best practices to ensure that your vehicle will last for the long term is by taking it on a regular service with the second hand cars in Beaudesert dealers that you purchased the car from. Adhere to the car maintenance schedules without failure.  The best way to schedule this is to do it via the car dealers Beaudesert services that will offer you the most professional services and also keep the most detailed records on the vehicle maintenance service history. You will get access to the best and most genuine OEM vehicle parts that you can use on your vehicle for maximum durability, performance and reliability.

Let the vehicles breathe

Ensure that the air filters in the vehicle are not clogged. The clogged filters in your used and second hand vehicles will generally reduce the gas mileage in the old carbureted engines. In the newer vehicles, the clogged air filters will reduce the acceleration time of your vehicle.

Oil Change

This is one of the simplest vehicle maintenance tips but also one of the most important that you can ever undertake. Driving your vehicle for a long duration of time without the oil change could also void your warranty and in certain instances may lead to engine failure in your vehicles.  So this simple maintenance tip could end up costing you thousands of dollars when you have to carry out an engine replacement in your vehicle.

Keeping the vehicle tires in excellent shape

It is important to check the pressure of your tires on a regular basis. Driving your vehicle with the recommended tire pressure settings will not only improve your fuel efficiency but also reduce the wear and tear of your tires and other vehicle parts.

Give your vehicle some shine

By washing your car and even waxing it, you will be able to keep it looking good and also maintain the finish of the vehicle over the longer term.  Use the right kinds of products to wash and dry your vehicle. Some washing materials and detergents will strip off the vehicle’s protective wax thus leading to quicker tear and wear. With the best car dealers Beaudesert services, you will be able to keep the car in the best shape over the long term and also get good resale value should you decide to sell it in the future. To know more about us, visit: http://scenicmotors.com.au/

Benefits of Pre Purchase Car Inspection

For reliable pre purchase car inspections Sydney offers, you need to find a provider that is able to conduct a thorough visual of the car, as well as its operation. The best way to clinch a deal on a used car is to have the inspection performed by a qualified mechanic first.

As a buyer, you want to spend your money on a functional product that can meet your needs. The best way to verify the functionality of the car is through an intensive inspection conducted on various components. The technician you choose should therefore have practical knowledge of the car, in addition to using the most reliable diagnostic tools to provide a comprehensive assessment of the vehicle’s condition.

To that end, CarChex Vehicle Inspections is a renowned company for pre purchase car inspections Sydney provides. With adequate professional workmanship, the technicians at CarChex are able to perform an independent assessment of your car’s condition and give a detailed report of the findings. The report provided gives you a basis on which you base your decision whether to buy the car as is, or make a different move.

Even though time and cost involved may not allow for individual assessment of every component of the car, experts from CarChex touch on almost every key component of the car to carry out the best Sydney pre purchase car inspections. In the end, the following areas are under thorough inspection:

·         Exterior

·         Interior

·         Drive line

·         Engine

·         Cooling system

·         Suspension and steering

·         Vehicle operation

·         Weight of the vehicle

As a reliable company for pre purchase car inspections Sydney can provide, CarChex provides quality pre purchase car inspections in Sydney in the following categories:

·         Platinum level inspection: a favorite choice for most car buyers in Australia, this level of inspection ensures a comprehensive check on all the mechanics, interior, and exterior, including on-board diagnostic scan of the car.

·         Comprehensive level: it involves more than 250 separate checks and up to 5km road test, making it one of the detailed inspections on used cars.

·         Standard level: at this level, you get more than 80 pints check on general mechanics, interior and exterior. It includes checks for dents, scratches, and damage due to collisions.

·         Mechanical checks: this level of inspection takes care of the motor, gearbox, transmission, and differential, giving a full diagnosis of the vehicle’s mechanical health.

·         Body and chassis inspection: it handles the structural safety of the car, which may be compromised by collision or rust damage. They also use special diagnostic equipment to determine the state of the car’s engine.

In view of the detailed inspection done on cars, in CarChex you find pre purchase car inspections Sydney offers, delivered by qualified technicians. It therefore follows that the choice you make on who carries out pre purchase inspection on your vehicle can greatly influence the outcome.

Choose an expert for the service and expect great results to your satisfaction. On the other hand, unreliable service provider will give you poor results and even if you end up buying the car, it will not be worth your money. Therefore, make a wise decision—choose CarChex.

Think, Evaluate and Purchase Mobility Vehicles

If you are tired of spending money in hiring cars, it is time to think about your mobility options. Taking undue advantages from your loved ones in terms of transportation does not look good for a long time. You surely crave for freedom or independence when it comes to transportation. Getting the perfect mobile vehicle according to your requirements is a big deal. Therefore, mobile vehicle inspection before purchase is highly necessary before making an investment. Keeping the varieties of individual purposes in mind, you can get different types of vehicle options available in the market, including both two, three, four wheeler and more. As people with disabilities find it difficult to rely on others and public transport for help and transportation, mobility vehicles make their life easier and more complete. Whether you are planning to get a brand new vehicle, used vehicle or mobility vehicle, vehicle inspections are essential.

Use Inspection Tips to Ensure Best Condition Vehicles

Keeping your vehicle in good condition, no doubt, will save your time and money. Daily maintenance and servicing is vital for making your investment worthwhile as well as increasing the resale value. You will only consider about the resale value once you are interested in trading up to a new vehicle. The most important aspect of vehicle purchase is safety. You should never compromise on the safety issues as the lives of your loved ones are in your hands. Before you get behind the wheel, mobile car inspection can ensure if the vehicle is in peak condition or not. With proper check, you will be able to decide about the vehicle reliability along with reducing the risk of breakdown.

When it comes to buying used vehicles, you have to keep certain guidelines in mind:

§  Check the condition of the paintwork along with figuring out all the minor chips and dents.

§  Find out if there is any rust spot underneath your vehicle. Treat immediately if you find any.

§  Checking of front and rear bumper bar is suggestible to find out scratches, rust and dents.

§   Check engine bay for any sign of oil leakage, rust spots and leaking hoses.

§  Do not forget to check the interior of the vehicle for inspecting the condition of the upholstery.

§  Checking of oil should be done too, for detecting early sign of engine wear.

§  Lastly, always remember to take the vehicle for a test drive, keeping the sound systems shut for being able to listen to any kind of unusual noises. Testing brakes during the drive is recommendable for ultimate pre purchase vehicle inspection.

Getting Vehicle as per Needs                            

Every person comes up with different requirements and demands both financially and physically. No one can expect the same thing to work for all. Whether you are keen to own a brand new vehicle or a used-efficient one,mobile vehicle inspection is necessary. According to experts, a full size conversion van is one of the popular mobility vehicles available in the market along with SUVs and minivans.

Pro Check Automotive is a trusted name, well-equipped and trained to perform any kind of repair, maintenance, servicing work along with the mobile vehicle inspection. For inquiries, please visit their website at http://www.procheckautomotive.com.au/resources.php

Matching Wedding Car to Your Wedding Style

Adelaide wedding cars that offer luxury comfort and reliability

The choice of wedding car is often put last in the priority list when it comes to wedding planning. However, you need to give enough thought into choosing Adelaide wedding cars that offer luxury, comfort and reliability. The comfort of the newlyweds is of importance so you can be easily carried on from the venue of wedding ceremony to the reception. But the choice is far more complex than it seems. Some would choose based on budget, while others pick their wedding cars based on personal preference. Expert wedding planners, however, insist that you choose based on what matches your chosen wedding style.

The usual choice of limousine is popular with modern wedding themes. Meanwhile, a vintage wedding car is best suited if you have a classic or traditional wedding theme. Your choice of ride can also offer a dramatic entrance to the reception. Your options can therefore vary depending on the theme and it invites you to look beyond your usual options because there are lots to choose from.

There are four major categories with which to choose from in hiring Adelaide wedding cars that offer luxury, comfort and reliability. These four categories are: 1) vintage, 2) classic, 3) modern classic, and 4) modern.

A vintage wedding car comprises makes and models made around the 1910-1930s. Meanwhile, classic car models range from the 1940s to the 1970s. Most of these car models are no longer in production but remain to be quite popular in the market, especially in the wedding car hire scene. If you want the modern classics, expect to get iconic car models to transport you on your wedding day. These models are considered modern classics because they remain significant in the car industry despite that most of them are no longer in production today. And finally, modern cars like BMW, Bentley, or Mercedes are also available for those who want to ride in style and opulent luxury.

Now that you understand the different wedding car options, you need to look at your style and your wedding style. Which of these cars represent your theme best? If you have a vintage or rustic chic wedding, make sure you choose from those in the classics to modern classics selection. But if you have a modern themed wedding, luxury limousines offer the best ride so you can take your whole entourage with you as well. Some engaged couples even choose to hire a model of car that is created on the year they were born. If you want something that is a bit sentimental, then you can also try this option.

If you are not sure about what type of wedding car would complement your wedding style, make sure to ask for recommendations from your event stylist. Or, you can also get recommendations from wedding car hire companies. They are the ones who know best about different wedding cars and can certainly make the right recommendation for you.

If, however, you want a reliable limousine to transport you on your wedding day, visit Holdfast Limousines at http://holdfastbaylimos.com.au/. The company has been around for several years servicing Adelaide wedding cars that offer luxury, comfort and reliability. To know more about us, visit: HOLDFASTBAYLIMOS

Transform The Look of Your Car With Alloy Wheels From Wolfrace

Did you know you could personalize the look of your car just by installing a set of aftermarket alloy wheels? What’s more, you can purchase alloy wheels for any car regardless of the manufacturer. The type of car you drive says a lot about you, and by installing a stylish set of alloy wheels, you can make your car dance more to your tune.

In addition to improving the outward appearance of your car, alloy wheels improve your car’s drive and handling. If you are in the UK, trendy aftermarket alloy wheels are available from Wolfrace Wheels, where you can purchase alloy wheels for any car regardless of the manufacturer. However, before you read more about the company, it is necessary to scoop more of the benefits you get from a new set of alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels are available in various finishes and in different colors such as black, white, or anthracite. These shades break the monotony of the traditional silver and chrome colors in most cars. Different manufacturers offer various designs of alloy wheels. Therefore, in selecting a set for your car, it is necessary to choose carefully to ensure that the wheels you choose do not affect your vehicle’s safety or performance. Here are some pointers to help you with your selection.

1.    Choose alloy wheels made of aluminum because they are lighter than steel, making them suitable for improving the vehicle’s ride, steering, and handling.

2.    Alloy wheels help reduce tire defection and rollover, because they distribute heat generated by braking system away from the wheels.

3.    Some open designs of alloy wheels allow airflow around the wheels to reduce overheating significantly. This feature is available in selected alloy wheels such as 5-spoke or 6-spoke design.

4.    Do not fit alloy wheels that are significantly heavier, because the car’s suspension cannot support them. This eventually affects your ride and handling of the vehicle.

In the UK, Wolfrace is a leading supplier of alloy wheels for various types of vehicles including SUVs. For over forty years, the company has been on the forefront in providing clients with quality and affordable car accessories. Their alloy wheels come complete with a five-year warranty and TUV approval to show that the products are genuine and meet quality standards in the UK.

The fact that they offer an extensive range of products is an assurance that you can purchase alloy wheels for any car regardless of the manufacturer. Wolfrace products and brand are a preferred choice of most customers across the UK, who can testify to their durability, functionality, and overall quality.

If you wish to transform your car’s appearance by installing alloy wheels, it is necessary to select your products from a recognized supplier. While some dealers may attract you with relatively low prices, these may compromise the quality of the products, making them quite expensive in the end. In addition to quality products from Wolfrace, the company runs a blog where readers can gather vital information about the brand, as well as useful advice regarding the products and services they offer. To know more about us, visit: http://www.wolfrace.com/

The Sleek and Highly Sophisticated KIA Soul

The KIA Soul has been one of the most popular of the KIA car models. The vehicle is highly efficient and also very spacious.  The car is also an easy drive and you will certainly enjoy cruising about in it. It is always described as a car with a soul. It has an extraordinary look and a unique choice of bright colors that you can choose from a Brisbane KIA dealership.

The baby SUV comes with a six speed manual transmission and in your bold styling that you will not fail to notice. KIA soul is always a favorite color with many younger buyers who are looking for some unique customizations in their vehicles.  But it is not limited to the Gen-Yers. The color will also appeal to many older buyers who are looking for something bolder and less conservative.

The Styling of the KIA Soul

One of the most noticeable features of the KIA Soul is its very bold style. This design is all the rage with many new-age buyers in many countries. At the front of the vehicle is the very bold and unmistakable lower grille area. It is a cross-hatch design with very large spotlights that you will certainly appreciate. The rear is squared off and is designed with the same theme as the foglight placement at the front of the vehicle.

The bold look and design is also applied inside the vehicle that is built to make matters as easy as possible for the drivers. There are large instruments at the dashboard that drivers can easily refer to in order to take some readings.

The Infotainment features of the vehicle

The vehicle has a full range of both the audio and the video infotainment features. One thing that you will miss in the KIA soul is satellite navigation features.

The Engines and Transmissions of the KIA Soul Vehicle

The engine that is used in the KIA soul is the same as those used in the outgoing KIA model that you can find at the KIA Brisbane dealership. It is a 20-litre petrol engine. The main advantage of this engine is that it has undergone an upgrade in order to meet the latest European emissions standards.  This engine delivers 113kWh of power as well as 191Nm of torque to users. Also, the engine offers both manual as well as automatic transmission capabilities.


The vehicle has excellent safety features like many other KIA models that you will find at a Brisbane KIA dealership.

The vehicle is slightly larger and offers drivers extra legroom that makes for very comfortable driving experience. It can easily accommodate four adults with plenty of space at the back of the vehicle.

The vehicle is recommended for buyers that are looking to purchase something that is straight out of the ordinary but which still just as practical as many other contemporary vehicle models in the market. Additionally, if you buy it via a reputable Brisbane KIA dealership, you can look forward to the best KIA service Brisbane has with best warranties and support services. Find top quality service KIA Brisbane dealer at http://www.toowongkia.com.au/.

Features of the Japanese Prime Movers by UD Trucks

The Japanese trucks for sale are always a popular choice for many Australian trucking companies thanks to their overall reliability and excellent performance. Japanese trucks are made using total quality control and management practices. Every detail in the truck is designed to the highest standard and passed through rigorous testing. If you are looking for a robust prime mover for sale, there is no doubt that these trucks will offer you a good option that you can work with in your trucking business.

UD Trucks is a reliable supplier of the best Japanese truck for sale in the Australian market. It markets truck products for Condor and these have admirable features that many truckers will likely consider when shopping for reliable trucks that are Japanese made. Here are some of the top features of the prime mover for sale:

Engine Features

Like in all the other Condor models, the prime movers are powered by the GH7 engines. As a result, the truck will be able to attain an incredible amount of power and torque with minimal fuel. Several design features and refined technologies make this possible. For example, the trucks are built with the combustion chamber design which is more efficient, and there is a high pressured based common rail unit.

Thanks to the Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR technologies, the truck is able to achieve better fuel economy and good environment performance. This makes for a cleaner environment and good business too.

Good engine performance

Thanks to the GH7 series engines and the variable injection, the Condor prime mover for sale truck is able to achieve a 10% fuel economy. Additionally, the engine technology also results in a 7-8% increase in torque and 4-11% increase in the power of the engine. For your transportation needs, this spells a highly reliable transportation solution.


The prime mover for sale such as the MK 11 250 or the MK 11 280 from the UD trucks is built with a six speed manual transmission. When it comes to the MK 11 250 models, you also have the option of five speed automatic transmission from Allison. A power shift mechanism is built into the transmission system in order to shift away the burden from the driver.

In terms of the performance of the system, the engines will offer you better productivity, ensure less driver fatigue, and also lead to better emissions and fuel economy.


The suspension options for the prime mover for sale include the long taper leaf springs as well as the multi leaf springs which are generally used for the heavy duty truck applications. The Japanese truck manufacturer is the sole manufacturing company that offers you the air bag rear suspension and steel leaf options.

In all the MK range of the Japanese trucks for sale, buyers will have the option of the HAS200 rear air suspensions. This is the best Japanese truck for good suspensions.

Safety features

The safety features of the Condor trucks are some of the best amongst the modern Japanese trucks. Safety features of this prime mover for sale include the ABS braking system and the Easy Hill Start standards. Find us at http://www.udtrucks.com/en-au/trucks.

Why Bathroom Cladding is Recommended: 5 Reasons

PerspexAre you tired of your dull bathroom? The bathroom is one of the significant spaces at home that must feel and look good in order to provide ease and comfort to users. It is the place to shower, tidy the body, brush teeth, shave, get comfy and relaxed.  Everybody desires for a shiny-sparkling shower/bath room. As we like to keep ourselves lovely, clean and presentable, it will be an irony to possess a dreary bathroom. Needless to say, redecorating to a new look is what we can do to this section of the house unless you are planning of moving to a new home. It is good news that Perspex provides the answer for this need.

As a replacement of using ceramic tiles, cladding is a kind of panel for walls being used for bathrooms or shower rooms. If bathroom cladding is a new idea to you, below are the reasons why most households use this thing in bath construction and renovation.

1.      It is waterproof. Bathroom cladding is the most sophisticated system when it comes to wall panels. Normally, it is made of UPVC. It is plastic thus absolutely waterproof.

2.      Multipurpose. Cladding can be a good decorative. It can be utilized in the showers and in cubicles. If you choose lighter designs and colors, they are a perfect choice for external glazing because it can render ninety percent light transmission due to its stabilized UV component.

3.      Easy to install. It is simple and easy to put up. With preparation or no preparation at all, bathroom cladding is a good decision for an interior bath and edges renovation. It can adapt to various shapes of the rooms, plus it can be placed on top of the existing tiles. It is not heavy, as well. A Perspex acrylic weighs half of the weight compared to ceramics, but it is ten times sturdier than the non-toughened glass. It will be a fast makeover for a bathroom and it will not be messy. Cladding is an exceptional item for bathroom projects because installation is easy and it can be done quickly, cleanly and with less disruption.

4.      No need of grout. As tiles will need new grouting every now and then to keep the cleanliness and shimmering appeal of the room, cladding will no longer require that. Your bathroom possesses the hygienic cladding accessories. No grout means no more moldy surfaces. The absence of grout where bacteria will populate is avoided. Plus, it will become molds free.

5.      Affordable and maintenance free. While tiles made of ceramic looks gorgeous, their costs are the highlighted disadvantage. Bathroom clads are made of UPVC yet there are vinyl or printed patterns to choose from. Covering your bathroom in a look you desire is easy and maintenance-free. It is a superb alternative that will not involve a huge chunk in your budget.

You may undertake bathroom makeover as often as you want now. Bathroom cladding is cost-effective and will grant you a good relaxing bathroom space. There are hygienic bathroom cladding accessories online for easy shopping experience. Talk to our Perspex team today for your requirements.