Features of the Japanese Prime Movers by UD Trucks

The Japanese trucks for sale are always a popular choice for many Australian trucking companies thanks to their overall reliability and excellent performance. Japanese trucks are made using total quality control and management practices. Every detail in the truck is designed to the highest standard and passed through rigorous testing. If you are looking for a robust prime mover for sale, there is no doubt that these trucks will offer you a good option that you can work with in your trucking business.

UD Trucks is a reliable supplier of the best Japanese truck for sale in the Australian market. It markets truck products for Condor and these have admirable features that many truckers will likely consider when shopping for reliable trucks that are Japanese made. Here are some of the top features of the prime mover for sale:

Engine Features

Like in all the other Condor models, the prime movers are powered by the GH7 engines. As a result, the truck will be able to attain an incredible amount of power and torque with minimal fuel. Several design features and refined technologies make this possible. For example, the trucks are built with the combustion chamber design which is more efficient, and there is a high pressured based common rail unit.

Thanks to the Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR technologies, the truck is able to achieve better fuel economy and good environment performance. This makes for a cleaner environment and good business too.

Good engine performance

Thanks to the GH7 series engines and the variable injection, the Condor prime mover for sale truck is able to achieve a 10% fuel economy. Additionally, the engine technology also results in a 7-8% increase in torque and 4-11% increase in the power of the engine. For your transportation needs, this spells a highly reliable transportation solution.


The prime mover for sale such as the MK 11 250 or the MK 11 280 from the UD trucks is built with a six speed manual transmission. When it comes to the MK 11 250 models, you also have the option of five speed automatic transmission from Allison. A power shift mechanism is built into the transmission system in order to shift away the burden from the driver.

In terms of the performance of the system, the engines will offer you better productivity, ensure less driver fatigue, and also lead to better emissions and fuel economy.


The suspension options for the prime mover for sale include the long taper leaf springs as well as the multi leaf springs which are generally used for the heavy duty truck applications. The Japanese truck manufacturer is the sole manufacturing company that offers you the air bag rear suspension and steel leaf options.

In all the MK range of the Japanese trucks for sale, buyers will have the option of the HAS200 rear air suspensions. This is the best Japanese truck for good suspensions.

Safety features

The safety features of the Condor trucks are some of the best amongst the modern Japanese trucks. Safety features of this prime mover for sale include the ABS braking system and the Easy Hill Start standards. Find us at http://www.udtrucks.com/en-au/trucks.

Why Bathroom Cladding is Recommended: 5 Reasons

PerspexAre you tired of your dull bathroom? The bathroom is one of the significant spaces at home that must feel and look good in order to provide ease and comfort to users. It is the place to shower, tidy the body, brush teeth, shave, get comfy and relaxed.  Everybody desires for a shiny-sparkling shower/bath room. As we like to keep ourselves lovely, clean and presentable, it will be an irony to possess a dreary bathroom. Needless to say, redecorating to a new look is what we can do to this section of the house unless you are planning of moving to a new home. It is good news that Perspex provides the answer for this need.

As a replacement of using ceramic tiles, cladding is a kind of panel for walls being used for bathrooms or shower rooms. If bathroom cladding is a new idea to you, below are the reasons why most households use this thing in bath construction and renovation.

1.      It is waterproof. Bathroom cladding is the most sophisticated system when it comes to wall panels. Normally, it is made of UPVC. It is plastic thus absolutely waterproof.

2.      Multipurpose. Cladding can be a good decorative. It can be utilized in the showers and in cubicles. If you choose lighter designs and colors, they are a perfect choice for external glazing because it can render ninety percent light transmission due to its stabilized UV component.

3.      Easy to install. It is simple and easy to put up. With preparation or no preparation at all, bathroom cladding is a good decision for an interior bath and edges renovation. It can adapt to various shapes of the rooms, plus it can be placed on top of the existing tiles. It is not heavy, as well. A Perspex acrylic weighs half of the weight compared to ceramics, but it is ten times sturdier than the non-toughened glass. It will be a fast makeover for a bathroom and it will not be messy. Cladding is an exceptional item for bathroom projects because installation is easy and it can be done quickly, cleanly and with less disruption.

4.      No need of grout. As tiles will need new grouting every now and then to keep the cleanliness and shimmering appeal of the room, cladding will no longer require that. Your bathroom possesses the hygienic cladding accessories. No grout means no more moldy surfaces. The absence of grout where bacteria will populate is avoided. Plus, it will become molds free.

5.      Affordable and maintenance free. While tiles made of ceramic looks gorgeous, their costs are the highlighted disadvantage. Bathroom clads are made of UPVC yet there are vinyl or printed patterns to choose from. Covering your bathroom in a look you desire is easy and maintenance-free. It is a superb alternative that will not involve a huge chunk in your budget.

You may undertake bathroom makeover as often as you want now. Bathroom cladding is cost-effective and will grant you a good relaxing bathroom space. There are hygienic bathroom cladding accessories online for easy shopping experience. Talk to our Perspex team today for your requirements.

Guide to Buying Honda Motorcycles in the UK

Before calling for Honda motorcycle dealers in the UK, it is important to understand what you should be looking for in the marketplace. If you are buying your first Honda bike, then you might find this task a little bit daunting. Fortunately, Honda offers the biggest selections of motorcycle makes and models. In addition, there are virtually-limitless Honda options available for you out there.

Honda motorcycle dealers in the UK

There is an awesome array of products that you can choose from when it comes to Honda motorcycles. Whether you are looking for a CRF50F Honda mini-bike or a more potent and powerful Honda machine, you can find the right product option for your needs. In terms of affordability, you can also find yourself presented with several options that you can put into consideration.

For example, there is the super affordable CBR250R Honda sportsbikes and the more powerful superbikes – offering you an incredible riding performance. The power and performance of Honda bikes is, undoubtedly, a legacy of the company’s deep engineering roots. It started off as an engine manufacturer and then, moved on to become a high-performance F1 engineering company.

Thus, design and reliability are some of the winning aspects of Honda bikes. If you are planning to purchase the bikes from Honda motorcycle dealers in the UK, here are some key considerations you need to look into a Honda bike that uniquely suits your needs and preferences.

What type of Honda motorcycle are you looking for?

Your motorcycle purchase boils down to the type of motorcycle that you are looking for from Honda motorcycle dealers in the UK. You also need to have a familiarity on what is already available in the marketplace.

When shopping for a Honda motorcycle or a scooter that suits your preferences, there are several factors that you need to put into consideration. For example, what is your riding experience? Do you prefer four wheels or two wheels? What engine size are you looking for?

There are also Honda motorcycles that you can use for light-carrying work, as well as robust bikes that you can use for power sports performance and competitions. Thus, you should also look at the area of application on the bike. If you are worried about bike storages, you can choose smaller and lighter bikes and scooters.

Understand Honda motorcycle classifications.

As stated earlier, Honda has the biggest classification of motorbikes in the market. If you are planning to purchase a Honda bike, it is important to have an inkling on different Honda bike classifications. For example, what will you expect from a Touring, Adventure, Cruiser, Supersport, Sport, or Dual Sport?

Based on the areas of activities that you are planning to deploy these bikes with, they come in different bike characteristics as well. Need help in choosing a suitable Honda bike for your riding needs? Check out http://www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk/honda/new-honda/honda-motorcycledealers.htm to find Honda motorcycle dealers in the UK that will offer you the best deals on both used and new Honda bikes and scooters.